Chevrolet Snooty

It's not about WHERE you go...

... just drive our car.

Introducing a car so unoriginal, you might as well be buying the previous model. The Chevrolet Snooty is just as good as any other family car - it has the room that any rational car would have. But what really matters is how the car looks. Though the Snooty is just like any other car, you sure will feel like a billionaire driving it. You better have enough money saved up, because after you spend the $40k on the Snooty, more will be put into fixing the gas lines and engine when they fail, not to mention what the price of gas will cost you with the Snooty. Since having a nice car is all that matters, the cost of fixing it is irrelevant. You may have an empty wallet by the end of the day but hey, you'll still look cool when you're driving around the cul-de-sac! 

Disclaimer: This was created as a project for Mrs. Taylor's ENG112 by Megan W.

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