This Tackk will represent the basic facts to know about Spreadsheets and how they are used in everyday

Spreadsheet definition

- A spreadsheet is an arrangement of cells in columns and rows used to organize, analyze, calculate, and report information, usually in numerical form.

Rows, Columns and Cell

- A cell is an individual location on a spreadsheet

-A column identified by letters of the alphabet

- A row is identified by numbers (horizontal)

Rows, Columns and Cells all tie together when referring to a Spreadsheet. Kind of like a

Cell Range

- A cell range refers to a group of adjacent cells

-A cell range completely corresponds with it's meaning. A cell range tells about a specific part of the spreadsheet

Cell Address

- A cell address is a specific location

- Like the Cell Range, it goes to certain place on the spreadsheet but a cell address is more exact.

Active cell

- An active cell is the cell that is selected

- The active cell is the certain cell that the person wants to interact with.

Daily uses of spreadsheets

- Calculating Car Loans

-Calculating School Grades

- Balancing a checkbook

- Household budgets

Business also use spreadsheets for...

- Payrolls

-Financial Statements