Fraser Sutherland

Canadian Bullied Teen

Fraser Sutherland, is a 15 year-old child who was Attacked by a bully in his school, but this bully caused Fraser to under go three concussions on different occasions, whether it be pushing him down a ski hill, jumping him or just beating him, the bully did all three to Fraser, This site is to explain what happened to Fraser and show the magnitude.
After the first concussion, which was pushing him down a ski hill, Fraser was token out of school for 50 days, and once he returned to school, he was diagnosed with aspergers, which led to him taking medication. That was the first time he "wanted to kill himself," but shortly after that event he was token off this medication, even thought the first concussion was over, he was back at school, the same school with the bully, the bullying towards him did not cease and three times more he was attacked by the bully, got two more concussions. Even though the bully was suspended, he was planned to return the following year, though Fraser rejecting the plans, he was told to suck it up, or relocate, And that he did, they left Toronto for no reason since Fraser did nothing except be the victim of the bullying act.

To fully understand what happened to Fraser, you must know what a concussion is and how it affects the human body, a concussion, using a definition from Google is: Temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the aftereffects such as confusion or temporary incapacity. So in other words, when physically pain to a large extend dealt to the cranial area, and not instantly, but eventually if not, cause unconsciousness. So to undergo three concussions is a whole extra level compared to one.

My thoughts? My thoughts!

After hearing of the pain and suffering, of being bullied by these student and what happened to him, i can infer of how it must have been to endure that pain. my thoughts are not based on the pain he endured though, it is the outcome of what happened at his school that i am going to touch on. After the third concussion, and The bully was suspended, Fraser was told that the bully would be returning the next school year, same time with Fraser, and even though he objected that, the school disregarding he needs and told him to suck it up, or relocate, as i said, and that in my opinion is terrible, to tell someone that they have to move even thought they did nothing is cruel, that child shouldn't have to relocate, he did nothing but suffer, and hes reward for not fulfilling the two time suicidal attempts, and surviving the concussions healthy, is just rude to have to do to someone.

Finally, Fraser endured a lot in his life at a school in Toronto, and hopefully that this tackk was able to tell you how much Fraser Sutherland survived the bully's attacks put against him on multiple different occasions.

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