Climate Change

What are the causes?

The main causes of Climate Change is:


95% confidence that humans are the main cause of our current global warming from burning hydrocarbons, over-populations causing a burden to the earth and over use of natural resources, greenhouse gases and aerosol particles deplete the ozone

*** Methane: Agriculture, natural gas distribution and landfills. (Methane can also be produced naturally by wetlands)

*** Carbon Dioxide: Transportation (vehicles), Building heating, deforestation, manufacture of cement and other good. (Naturals causes of Carbon Dioxide are decay of plant matter and release of CO2 in the air from breathing and plants.)

***Nitrous Oxide: emitted from fertilizers and fossil fuel burning. (natural process is in souls and oceans releases N2O)

***Halocarbon gas concentrations: chlorofluorocarbons produced from refrigeration agents and other industrial processes.

-Natural causes

***Such as water vapor. Water has always been around but it's the running out of water for our future generations that causes a problem

"Simulations with all external climate influences including strong (green) and weak (red) solar influences, compared to the ensemble of northern hemisphere surface temperatures over the past 1,000 yeas (blue) and instrumental surface temperature measurements (black). From Schurer et al. (2013)."

My opinion on the matter.

I feel that the destruction of our planet caused from human activities is completely ridiculous. Scientists should have done further research before they even began any of these processes that burn fuels, contract oils and building buildings to see if it will eventually harm our environment. Every action has a reaction and unfortunately for us and the consumerism world we live in there is almost next to nothing we can do except sit back and watch the government rack in the millions of dollars from oil industry and create holes in our ozone. Having children in this day and age has become something of a nightmare for me because I don't want to leave my children to grow up in a smog filled, depleting world where the government decides they can control the environment.

If we all stood up to the government and said "No, we are not going to buy things from your stores, use your oil, or spend money in general" and went back to the bartering system and living off of the natural resources of our planet (LIKE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO, without causing more destruction) then we might be able to bypass our seemingly inevitable doom.

Solutions to Climate Change

- Reducing your ecological footprint

*** Planting trees, carpooling, electric cars, using biodegradable stuff, recycling/reusing, walk/bike more, grow your own garden, using solar energy, (sad to say but) newer appliances use less electricity then the older ones (time to fall prey to consumerism again, this time in favor of mother earth!), move out of the big city, reduce your airplane flights, buy from local farmers markets, keep your heat down when you're not home, Go Green, adopt water saving habits.

Side note: If the government really wanted to make money yet try to put a stop to Global Warming they could charge INSANE amounts of money for anything that causes harm to our planet but charge very little for solar energy or other energy savers. That way the people that want to keep running their fuel burning cars, they would have to pay more than four digits to fill their tank up resulting in a major delay of production by most of the population who is unable to afford such high prices; leaving them with no other choice but to save energy therefor saving our planet!!!!!!!!!

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