Making your Music Flyer

...using a combination of, SoundCloud and online survey tools to share and receive feedback on your musical arrangement

1. Upload your music to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the many audio hosting services available on the web right now. Sign up for an account and upload your music at (SoundCloud apps exist for Android and iOS devices)

2. Create your online survey

There are many high fidelity survey tools available, but for this project you will be using a Google form.

You will need a Google account (gmail)

Google forms can appear embeded in Tackk flyers and record results in a convenient spreadsheet / may be visualized in graph/pie chart formats

Survey Questions

Use the following information to build your survey.

Please rate my recording (1. Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neither Agree nor Disagree 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree) by responding to the following statements:  

1. The recording featured a strong theme/idea which was developed/transformed musically over the course of the piece.

2. The recording featured strong melodies within the chosen key structure(s).

3. The recording featured strong rhythms within the chosen tempo (or multiple tempii).

4. The recording featured sounds that were captured with outstanding quality and clarity to enhance the listening experience.

5. The recording featured outstanding layering, making full use of multi-track capabilities (mixing, effects) to enhance the listening experience.

3. Create a Tackk

Tackk is an online tool used to create one page websites. We will be using Tackk to house your music and will link your audience to a survey you can use to assess your music.

Sign up for Tackk @

4. Bring everything together

View the following video on how to format and embed all your content (music and survey) into your Tackk online flyer

5. Send your Tackk's URL and corresponding QR code to your teacher

Publishing your Tackk will make a link to your flyer.

Make this link a QR code by going to Paste the Tackk link into the URL field then click download under the produced QR code.

Place both the link AND the QR code on a word document as shown in the previous video.

Test your the QR code using an app like Qrafter to make sure it links correctly to your flyer