Atmosphere- By Malaika Heinen

1. Troposphere

TROPOSPHERE - The closest to earth (the one we live on) and it gets colder as you go higher

2. Stratosphere

STRATOSPHERE- It is the 2nd layer, it protects us from the sun, and it starts out cold and gets warmer

3. Mesosphere

MESOSPHERE- Is the 3rd layer and i gets colder and that layer protects us from meteors

4. Thermosphere

THERMOSPHERE- This is the hottest layer, it has the least amount of pressure, this has two layers, and this is where the northern lights are

5. Why is our atmosphere important?

Well it keeps the heat inside so that it isn't cold but not to hot, and it has enough oxygen for us to breathe but not to much were we would suffocate.

6. Why is it colder in the mountains then it is on the ground?

because when pressure releases on the air it starts to get colder and there is less pressure the higher you go into the atmosphere.

7. What does a green house do?

Well let's just say that if it weren't for greenhouses trapping the gases in the atmousphere it would be could so since it does trap gases in it stays warm but to much gases are killing our planet.

8. What gases are in the atmosphere and what are the percentages?

The gases are nitrogyn, oxygen, and argon. there is about 78% of nitrogyn, about 20% of oxygen, and about 2% of argon.

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