Egypt's Role in Yemen

In Yemen, rebels are currently fighting with the Yemeni government, who is being backed by Saudi Arabia. The rebels, called Houthi, have successfully overthrown the government. However, Saudi troops are launching air strikes to help push back the Houthi resistance in the hopes that the Yemeni government will regain power.

At the start of the conflict, Saudis claimed to have a ten nation coalition to fight the Houthis, with Egypt being one of them. However, Pakistan has already voted against going to war, and Egyptians are questioning their involvement as well. In 1962, Egypt entered the Yemeni Civil War and lost 10,000 troops. This incident has caused most Egyptians to disapprove of the current situation. Despite the public's claims, it looks like the Egyptians government will agree on entering on the Saudi side of the current conflict in Yemen.

So far, in an attempt to prevent conflict, Saudi Arabia has proposed a 5-day ceasefire. Houthi officials will meet with Saudi officials later to further discuss this.

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