Ethics, Multicultural Competence, and Wellness

Ivey et. al Chapter 2

Lori Streu, Ed. S/LPC

Counselors who work ethically and intentionally will find...
*smoother sessions
*client will be protected
*a sense of trust is fostered

Counseling ethics summarized:
"Do no harm to your clients; treat them responsibly with full awareness of the social contest of helping."


Ask yourself:
Am I qualified to do this?

"Counselors practice only within the boundaries of their competence, based on their education, training, supervised experience, state and national professional credentials, and appropriate professional experience."


What happens here STAYS here...

HIPAA Privacy

Healthy Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996)

1. Protected health information
* past/present/future
*physical or mental
*individually identifiable info (name/address/dob/ssn)

2. De-identified health information
*no restrictions

Informed Consent

Inform clients of...

*potential risks
*potential benefits
*implications of diagnosis
*fees/fee collection process
*record keeping
*limits of confidentiality
*participate in treatment planning
*right to refuse treatment
*must be advised of consequences of refusal
*when working with children--typically need parental permission

Power in counseling...

*the counseling relationship automatically puts the counselor in a more powerful position
*dual relationships/conflict of interest

Multicultural Competence
(3 key components)


Multicultural Awareness

*you are a cultural being
*understand there are always differences that may exist
*you must work to be the most effective with clients who are different from you
*accept that privilege is a power given to people through cultural assumptions and stereotypes

Multicultural Knowledge

*important to be aware of our negative emotional reactions and biases towards those different from us
*work to gain knowledge about various cultural groups, their history, and their present concerns
*recognize that traditional counseling techniques may not work for all people
*become involved in the client's community for a more thorough understanding
*microaggressions (large and small insults and slights)

Multicultural Skills

*if your first response doesn't work--try another!
*work to expand your knowledge and skills that are sensitive to diversity