Texas A&M

By: Lauren Cox

  1. Admissions
  • What are the recommended or required high school courses for admission?
  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Mathematics - Three of the courses must be Algebra I, II and Geometry
  • 4 years of Science - Two courses must come from Biology I, Chemistry I or Physics I
  • 2 years of the same foreign language (American Sign Language is acceptable)
  • What are the admissions criteria (include admissions testing requirements)?
  • If not in the top 10% of your class (which is automatic acceptance0, you must make at least a 1300 on the SAT test.
  • What is the deadline to apply for fall admissions?
  • December 1st
  • What is the application fee?
  • $75
  • How do you contact the admissions office?
  • ApplyTexas.org or by phone.
    1. Academic Costs (If you will be going out of state, write down the non-resident rates.)
  • What is the annual cost for one year of tuition (based on 15 credit hours per semester)? 
  • $22,470
  • What is the annual cost for one year of fees (based on 15 credit hours per semester)?
  • $9,180
  • What is the estimated annual cost for books and supplies?
  • $1,000
    1. Scholarships
  • How do you contact the scholarship office?
  • Its a part of the registration application. Or your counselor has information on scholarships.
  • Look up at least one scholarship opportunity that you are interested in and are eligible to apply for at the school you are researching. For the scholarship opportunity that you discover, answer the following questions:
  • - When is the deadline (and if applicable the priority deadline)?

    December 1st

    - How do you get an application?


    - What type of scholarship is it? (i.e. academic, leadership, departmental, etc.)


    - What are the eligibility requirements?

    Lechner Scholarship

    $2500 a year for 4 years

    Must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPR

    - What do you have to submit?

    Prospective students can apply using the ApplyTexas Application for Freshman Admission. Students must complete the admissions application along with the scholarship application to be considered.

    1. Financial Aid
  • What is the deadline (and if applicable the priority deadline) to apply?
  • December 1st
  • What forms are required? (i.e. FAFSA, etc.)
  • What type of aid is available? (i.e. grants, loans, etc.)
  • Grants and loans
    1. Housing Costs
  • What is the application deadline and fee for campus housing?
  • March 1st
  • What is the average cost of on-campus housing?
  • $3,000 per semester
  • What is the average cost of off-campus housing?
  • $2,000 per semester
  • How do you contact the Housing Office?
  • By telephone or email.
    1. Campus Visits
  • What is the cost for a campus visit?
  • none
  • What are the requirements?
  • Contact admissions office.
  • What campus visit options are there? (i.e. campus tour, overnighter, attend class/activity with other students)
  • Visit Aggie Land in February.
  • Who would you contact to set up a campus visit?
  • Visitors office.
  • Comment Stream