What I learned in ELA this year was...

Doing peels and writing narratives about articles. We also did peels about newsela articles. Writing a summery about articles too. I am doing better at writing peels now about articles. I used to forget to capitalizes The beginning of a sentence, But now i am doing better at doing it now.   

My favorite thing that happened this year was..

Doing the last test of the year and having an awesome teacher named mr. Carlson. I also liked having movie time and making new friends also reading new kinds of comics that my friend kobe butler brought to school. I am now heading to high school this year after 8th grade is over. Which it is now over. I had a great year this year. I am hopping next year will be better after a few times of weirdness this year.    

I look like this right now because i am nerves of going to high school. :).

The lessons i have taken in ELA might help me in the future because i might be a reporter and i might have to write summaries about things that happen in the future. Or i can become a news writer that writes articles about things that happen on the planet.

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