AIDS Community Care Montreal

ACCM, witch stands for Aids Community Care Montreal, originally formed in 1987, is a volunteer-based community organization that aims for a better world for people living with HIV or AIDS by building better and stronger services for them.


People with HIV and AIDS are facing discrimination every single day. ACCM wants to erase the infamous thoughts that many citizens have on those people. They want to inform the population of HIV infection and teach them how to prevent Its transmission. ACCM targets the young population at risks and have partnerships with Montreal schools, cultural communities, youth centers. They have launched many campaigns and projects such as “My life with HIV” witch is created to provide AIDS service organizations to advice newly diagnosed people about HIV treatments and address their concerns. They are determined to help those with HIV and AIDS, bring them the best treatments available and to assure their best support. Alliances with people living with HIV or AIDS and different organisations are key factors to the achievements of their missions.


Since the beginning, ACCM is an organisation hardly based on volunteering. Without the dedication of their volunteers, it would have been impossible for ACCM to develop the wide range of programs and services that they continue to run today. For example, people that are HIV positive volunteers to visit schools in order to talk about their own life experience, inform the students about the various virus and infections transmitted sexually and how we could prevent such infections. This sort of workshop has a huge impact in the youth population and it is a major tool for ACCM in order to accomplish their goal witch is a society free from the stigma of HIV and AIDS.

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