The Aventure of Galileo

by : grace coorey

The frist person to invent the telescope was galileo. Galileo was born in Itly in a part called pisa and moved to Florence.  He lived for 78 years from 1564-1642.

Galileo invented the telescope in 1543 and since he invented the telescope we can see the stars at night. The solar system we can see with a inprovement in 1818. Galileo had four moons  of jupitir named after him. these were Galilean Moonlo, Gaymed, Eurpou and  callisto.

In 1901 he  was inducted into the hall of  fame. He is the forth one along he is very inportent because with  out him  we would neaver see the star up close. He is the fouth one along  the hall of fame.