I have said for a long time when introduced, "how's life"? Iv'e never really thought what that actually means. But somehow it means so much to other people. you might not get my point, but what i'm trying to say is this: try to lead a good life. Not a life where people say they're athletic, & then go home and sit on the couch & watch TV. I'm like one of those people who leads a fairly active life. don't smoke, don't do drugs, & don't get super fat. So, for starters, smoking is just plain disgusting. when somebody smokes for a long time, their lungs turn black! disgusting, right? I think it is. smoking can harm other people, too. Ever heard of secondhand smoke? that's when a smokers doing their thing around other people in public. The result of this is when the smoke enters  other peoples lungs and normally get cancer. sometimes they just get an allergic reaction to the smoke which is never good. One time, a lady battled with cancer and lost because someone was smoking.        

Next, there's fast food. a lot of people say that its okay, but too much of it is really bad for you. but, their lying. probably because its the only thing they have ever eaten. well, above all this stuff, fast foo can also get you to the hospital. last time I checked, going to the hospital when your ride is an ambulance isn't  good for anyone! so think before you do and know that if you eat too much fast food, you could just find a new favorite spot permanently-- THE CEMETERY!.      

drugs are one of the top ways of how people either get high or committing suicide. drugs can turn a very good friend into a person who lives on the street, smoking & selling marijuana. yes, there are prescription pills, but even these are overused-- and have a life altering,deathly and dangerous affect and outcome. And half the time, people don't come out of this life of extreme consequences. lots of people have taken drugs and haven't come back from the lie they're living like its the only thing that matters. but... its nothing but a downward spiral that they can't escape from. many people who cannot get a job because they are too poor resort to using and selling drugs. personally, I think doing drugs are very bad for people. when my sister ran away, she went downtown and lived with her friend, who just "happened"to be a drug addict.                       

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