Methods of expansion


expansion is a company which grows into a bigger company.


A merger is when two companies join together to make a bigger company, e.g. orange and T-Mobile made EE.


A takeover is when one company takes over another, this can cause a lot of disagreement, e.g. Kraft took over Cadbury.


      Franchising is when you can be a boss of a sector of the company although you didn't create the company and example of this is Mcdonalds.

Organic growth

Organic growth is when a company grows itself naturally without outside owners.

pros/cons of a merger and takover

From a merger and takeover you would receive:

More revenue,

More customers,

Learn new ideas,

Possibly less competition;

Spread your company across the whole planet.

Although the cons would be:

Arguments may occur,

Affect the community;

People can lose jobs.