Flashbacks in My Sister's Keeper
By: Melanie Benner

Example #1:

pg. 28 Sara- "By the time I wake up the next morning, Brain has already left for work. He's on two days, then two nights, then off for four, before the cycle repeats again. Glancing at the clock, I realize I've slept past nine. More amazingly my children have not woken me up."

This example shows how the flashbacks of the characters, helped the reader understand how relaxed the family was before Kate went to the hospital and got diagnosed with cancer. Also how, the family was just a normal family and how in such a quick moment that that changed.

Example #2:

pg.135 Anna: "'You know, normal people don't sit around thinking about dying.'

'Liar. Everyone thinks about dying.'

'Everyone thinks about you dying,' I said.

The room went so still that I wondered if we ought to go for a different record--how long can two sisters hold their breath?

Then a twitchy smile crossed her face. 'Well,' Kate said 'At least now you're telling the truth.'"

This example shows that the flashbacks help the reader understand Kate’s character more because through these flashbacks of the others it shows Kate's attitude towards her being sick. Kate is not scared of telling the truth about her dying and excepts the fact that others think about it too. Nothing but the truth about all the sickness is told by Kate and she is not afraid of being thrown different obstacles that make her fight but doesn't baby down the truth of how severe her cancer is.