Burkina Faso

The article I read talks about the country called Burkina Faso that is a country in Africa. This BBC article talks about how the president of burkina faso Blaise Companore stepped down because of the protests that were going on. Companore wanted to extend his 24 year term as president to 27 years but the people did not really enjoy this decision and started to protest against this mostly violently. This article explains why the president did step down and who would be replacing it. Overall this article gave me the most insight on what was going on in Burkina Faso

The main opponent would be the government or president of Burkina Faso Mr.Companore because he wanted to extend his rulep and the people realized that he was not their president but a dictator

Some countries are concerned because they buy some exports from Burkina Faso and if the president is going to change so might the trade policy and sometime change can prevent them from buying these important exports

The conflict was being conducted by protests but the article told me that most of these protests were violent causing fear in the heart of the president. Their constant rioting and protesting like Egypt caused the president to step down. The cause of the conflict was because the president decided to extend his term which the people did not appreciate causing protests and rioting. Some of the protests in that area were nonviolent people marching Martin Luther King style all through cities chanting for the president to step down and their marching has contributed to the president stepping down. This part of the protesting I think was extremely effective because it got what the citizens wanted.

Citation: "Burkina Faso General Takes over as Compaore Resigns - BBC News." BBC News. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 May 2015.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RDsHsuV7ek

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