My Winter Break

Aslı Say 4-B

My winter break wasn't too exciting and we didn't go anywhere special. Because,thanks to Mom and Dad, they say if you eat breakfast outside your house,that means you travelled somewhere. But it's fine with me. Whatever,even I didn't go out even from home,it was great because there was more time to play computer games. That's how I spend most of my free time!

I actually have a snowball fight at winter breaks,but as I remember it didn't even snow properly this time. So I can only say this was a holiday spent in front of the screen for all I know!

The only funny thing was with the printer. Can you dream,a thing that doesn't even live has more fun than me! When I found a bunch of papers I decided to photocopy my favourite pictures. But when I put a paper wrong in the machine,it stuck in the printer. My dad wasn't really crazy about the idea of opening everywhere in a high-tech machine just for one paper,so he was pretty mad. Finally he picked the paper up and gave it to me. I don't know why it didn't have ink on it, but whatever, if it's funny everything is fine with me. All I did was this!

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