Early Mongol Empires(Mongols and Yuan)

The Mongols

     The Mongol Empire lasted for 80 years, stating in 1200 and going to 1279. The important leaders throughout this time period were Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, and Hulegu. Genghis Khan started and created the immense Mongol empire. The Mongols used a monarchy for their government. The capital of this great Mongolian empire was Khanbailq. Although the Mongols were brutal when building their empire they ruled very peacefully over the conquered lands. Some Mongols adapted to many of the cultures and the biggest one was Islamic culture. Their peaceful ruling made their empire very peaceful and was called Pax Mongolia. The greatest achievement of the Mongols was the conquering of Asia and having the largest empire the world had seen.

This is the Mongol empire at its fullest size.

The Yuan Dynasty

     The Yuan dynasty was part of the Mongol's empire, going from 1279-1368 years, lasting 100 years. The most important emperor in this dynasty was Kublai Khan. With the starting of the Yuan dynasty the Mongols changed from a monarchy to a bureaucracy. for their government. The capital is not know, but it was said to be close to Beijing. The Mongols made a law that said that Mongols could not marry any Chinese people. They did take some of the Chinese practices, but did not want to fuse with Chinese culture. This may have been why they did not want Mongols to marry Chinese people. Trade increased with the peace this dynasty brought. Some of the achievements of this dynasty was the building of grand cities and also the exploration of Marco Polo around Asia.

This is the Forbidden City Palace made in the Yuan dynasty.

This video talks about the Mongol Empire.