Battle Of Vimy Ridge

Dr.Safavi's Journal

1917 The cratered field of the somme. N.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2015(Image 1)

November 26, 1917 Entry #1

After our most recent battle at the somme the spirits have been on the low for everybody, specially the commanders as they were sure of a better outcome. The defeat is not the part however, the number of losses are. Around 623,000 Allie troops lost are 25,000 of which were Canadian. Due to the fact that i was at the battle of Somme gave me more experience in my medical field, hopefully i can apply what i learned from my experiences at our next battle at vimy. There is a lot of confusion when they told the Canadians to try and take over vimy ridge because the British and French had tried many times and had failed miserably, with hundreds of thousand of casualties and deaths. Many soldiers even thought that we were given the task of vimy because we weren't known for our military powers and nobody trusted us and we were given this "impossible" task to keep the germans busy while our allies found a solution for the germans. I remember the day we were told to take on the germans at vimy i wanted to prove to the whole world that we can accomplish anything in any situation and can do it better than anyone.

1917, Behind the front lines of Vimy Ridge. N.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2015. (Image 2)

April 8, 1917, Entry #2

Tomorrow is Day zero of the attacks on the germans and i think our hard preparation and effort will be worth it and I'm sure the planning of the attacks will play off at the end. I heard from a wounded soldier i was treating that the only reason we were planning so precisely was because we carried out raids according to him to gather intel  on enemy defences. During this war i have seen soldiers lose limbs, arms and have developed post traumatic stress disorder. The fact that i don't have the proper tools doesn't help the fact that i have to often cut off many arms and legs because supplies are limited and we can't treat everyone, resulting in less soldiers being able to go back into battle. However recently i can treat more patients as supplies are kept in our underground tunnels that i have just recently found out about that was under work for quite a while now by our allies. Hopefully tomorrow we can make an impact on the way the battle has been going so far and turn it in our favor. I have trust in our commanders and i will think we will prove to the world our military powers are far more superior than many think, a win over the germans troops would gain international recognition which is why this battle is very significant, and to show our allies that we are here for a reason.

The plan of attack on the german defence. N.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2015. (Image 3)

April 9, 1917, Entry #3

Day one of the attacks against the germans, ever since we made those tunnels thanks to our allies, it has made things a lot easier for the guys at the front lines. Since some tunnels are big we can take hundreds of men down there and protect them from the german artillery. We also use it to store ammunition and keep the officers offices down there. Im not sure if i overheard this right but i'm sure we are going to use the tunnels in the attack in some way, perhaps dig tunnels beneath the German lines and set huge explosives to be detonated when the time for the attack came which we used today to start our attack off Although things are looking good everyday i realize how much more i hate war and hate in this war. The other day an 18 year old was rushed in missing and arm and a limb and half his face was burnt by a grenade. The only thing i was thinking of while treating him was the feeling his mother had when the centre of her life walked out to war. I am further more worried because a few minutes ago 20,000 of our soldiers are pressing up the no mans land just behind the creeping barrage allowing them to be able to capture critical position right after the artillery takes them out, with out the germans being able to react.

Tunnels of vimy Ridge. N.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2015. (Image 4)

April 10, 1917, Entry #4

CAPTURED! The second day of attacks against the germans are going great and i think the main reason we are doing so well is due to all the planning and our great commanders but also due to the week of suffering we brought upon them and not letting them know when we were gonna attack was very wise because in trench warfare when the artillery stops it means the enemy is preparing for a charge which is why the group attacking ends up with more casualties and since our never stopped they never knew when we were coming. However when they brought a lot of injured soldiers back and i cant spend much time writing because i have a lot on my hands today and probably for the next few days. However the Canadian assault proceeded on schedule and most of the heavily-defended ridge was captured by noon.

April 12, 1917, Entry #5

Yesterday i heard some soldiers talking about our commanders thinking about pushing even further today and trying to capture "pimple" which is the other significant height on the ridge. Due to our great and brave efforts to capture the "pimple" we were able to push the germans back three kilometres and we had won it all, we had accomplished something no other ally was able to do. The Canadians, British and french now commanded the heights overlooking the Douai Plain, an occupied portion of France that was still controlled by Germany. As a result of this the Canadian Corps, together with the British Corps moved towards the south and captured more ground, prisoners and guns than any previous ally offensive of the war. The most important thing was that our part was done although the war wasn't completely over.

Excited Canadians after capturing Vimy Ridge. N.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2015. (Image 5)

May 12, 1927, Entry #6

Today is the ten year anniversary of when Canada captured Vimy Ridge and many say Canada became an individual country from those very few days of April at Vimy Ridge. World War 1 was the biggest conflict between militaries in the world by 1917 and was an awful event in history but some saw it as a way Canada could have proved itself as a country and we probably would not have gone to war if we weren't under the British Empire. None of this would have been accomplished without the men making sacrifices at war and being enthusiastic and patriotic about helping out. It was those men that made this happen and every person has to be grateful for the service of those men. After 4 years 10 million dead by all types of weapons, explosives and gases. All of this for nothing more than showing off military powers and all started from the assassination of Archduke Franz.

Canadian Flag(1917) N.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2015. (Image 6)



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