Be safe on the Internet


1.Do not use mean language online.

2. Do not purchase or buy anything online without an adult present.

3.Do not share details about your life with others online.

4. Tell an adult if anyone online asks to meet you in person.

5.Never open e-mails, files, or web pages from people you  don't know or trust.

6.Never send out your picture out to the world or to a stranger.

7.Never give out your name, address, phone number, e-mail, password, or your school.

8. tell an adult if something makes you uncomfortable, scared, or confused.

9. Never tell a stranger where you are going and what time you will be there.

10. Never enter a chat room without an adult present.

Internet safety rules help you be safe and smart on the internet .Internet safety rules help you stay safe so you don't give out your personal information. It can also help you cause there are people out there that are smart enough to steel your personal information.

The people are even smart enough that they can find out where you live an can possibly kidnap you if you are home alone.

Internet safety is also very important cause people can track you and try to

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