The Columbian Exchange:


Chocolate originated in central and south America. The first recorded date of chocolate in 1100 BCE by the Olmec. The Olmecs were the first civilizations in Mexico.

THREE DISHES: (click for the recipe)

Nama Chocolate from Japan

Chocolate kartoshka (“potato” chocolate truffles)

Chocolate Crunchies from South Africa


Chocolate was grown in Mesoamerica, and many of the empires farmed chocolate including the famous Aztecs. Once the Aztecs were conquered, then the chocolate could be exported to other countries. It only took about 100 years for chocolate to spread all over Europe and it soon became a very high demanded good from the Americas. Chocolate started as a liquid drink, and at the time only the wealthy could afford to buy such an American delicacy. Chocolate created a huge industry all over the world and made the most famous dish of all; the chocolate bar. Now chocolate can be bought by anyone, and is one of the most popular sweets ever.

In the future this lead to the creation of major chocolate companies like Hershey and Nestle. These companies made chocolate easily accessible to developed countries since the early 1900's.

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