What About Me

by: Kara P

My background: When I was born I had a lot of problems. First I had really low blood sugar so they had to pour sugar in water and make me drink it. Also, I had a heart murmur. A heart murmur is when your heart has an irregular beat and you cant really do anything about it. My heart murmur went away when I was about three. When I was four I broke my chin open while walking up cement stairs. That same year I broke my arm falling out of a camper. 2005 was my unlucky year.#whataboutme #kettner #tech21

What makes you the happiest: My little kitty does. Every night I turn off the hall light and then my tv and as soon as I get into bed, my cat is sitting there meowing at me. After that she will jump on my bed meow at me for a bit longer until I bet her, then lays down and falls asleep. She only does it to me too. She likes me the best.

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3 years ago

@peha is something missing from above? There is a huge blank spot? Let me know!