3 Women to Watch in the Franchising Sector

While some just successful people manage just one store, these women manage over 100.

Dzana Homan:

After immigrating from Bosnia to the United States after surviving the war in the Balkans, earning a degree in electrical engineering, and earning degrees in piano and physics from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, Homan went on to become the CEO of School of Rock. There are over 145 locations in 8 countries! By living in a warzone, Homan learned to put things into perspective, "nless you’re shooting at me, or someone is bleeding or on fire, I can handle it.”

Rhoda Olsen:

When Olsen joined the Great Clips team in 1987, there were only 3 partners, leading a regional chain of 180 stores. After coming in to fix all of the operational issues, she landed a position as president in 1998. By then,Great Clips had grown to 1,183 locations. After being appointed as CEO in 2010, Great Clips has grown to over 3,600 units. However during this time, she watched her three sons suffer through difficult times including alcohol and drug abuse. Because of this, there are training programs in place to ensure that all employees have the ability to develop leadership skills and balance family life with executive roles.

Eileen Huntington:

While working as a high school teacher in New Jersey, Huntington saw many students struggling with their work. She and her husband decided to create a structured way to tutor students. After one summer, they were full of students and positive feedback anf decided to open up a Huntington Learning Center. After many years, there are 260 locations nationwide. The Huntingtons have also opened eCenters to help develop high functioning business people.



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