TES Presents:
"But I'm Not Racist…!" And Other Sexy Ways to Put Your Foot In Your Mouth with Aida Manduley

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 8:00 PM –10:00 PM
[Doors open at 7:30]

TRS - 40 Exchange Place (3rd Floor), New York, NY

Image above from http://www.theannmag.com/the-r-word/

Wondering how racism and kink are related? Want to learn how to deal if you're called out for icky behaviors? Hankering to decipher communication strategies to use when others do racist things?
Come learn more!


TES Members $5, Students with ID and Reciprocal Groups $10, Non-Members/Non-Reciprocal Group $20. Want to come but can't afford it? Poke me on Twitter @neuronbomb or send me an email so we can talk to the organizers.

Class in a Nice Nutshell:

Primarily geared toward White folks, but welcoming and relevant to all people, this class is here to jumpstart and deepen local conversations about kink and racism. Especially in light of all the social unrest in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, it's crucial that we learn about how racism plays out in kink spaces and how we can work on being and doing better for the sake of all our communities. Though many people's kink lives and "vanilla" lives may be separate, racism appears in both.

Snarky Event Description:

Nothing's more awkward than letting a hilarious joke about minorities slip in a dungeon where there are people who will call you out on how terribly racist it is, especially if they're people from the group you're making fun of. And they. are. everywhere. Some even come equipped with Stealth Mode, infiltrating parties and looking so pale you'd think they're one of you.

The world can be a scary place full of POC and the PC Police, but don't worry, Aida's here to hold your hand and guide you through it. A Stealth Latina herself, she'll tell you ALL the best ways to shove your foot into your mouth for maximum sexiness, as well as key exit strategies for when people look at you funny. Come discuss the ins and outs of Neoliberal colorblindness, hipster racism, and how to be someone your One Black Friend isn't ashamed to bring along to parties. Bonus points for kink event organizers and Big Names in The Scene who attend! She may even give you an ally cookie.