Cleaning your canister fish tank filters

The great thing about canister Gel Seal Hepa Filters is that it does not need to be cleaned and maintained as much as other types of aquarium filters. However, there will come a time, after a couple of months when they will have to be cleaned. No matter how wonderful or expensive the filter is, it will eventually clog if it is not maintained properly. While there are many types of canister fish tank filters on sale these days, maintaining and cleaning them is the same.

Cleaning Equipment

Here are some of the cleaning equipment that you will need to prepare before starting your work:

A bucket
A syphon
A toothbrush
Rubber bands or string
A used sock

Transporting Your Hepa filter H14 To Your Workspace

This step firstly depends on whether your filter inlet comes with an off valve. If you are able to close off the water inlet, then you can leave the filter hose intake inside the aquarium. However, if you canister fish tank filters does not have this option, you will have to remove the entire filter hose intake from the aquarium or else the tank water will flow out of the hose when you dislodge it from the filter.

Turn off the HEPA Box and carry it to your workspace.

Cleaning The Media For Mechanical Filtration

The filter media for mechanical filtration will definitely be the dirtiest component in your canister fish tank Custom hepa filter.