The country  of STRIKE ZONE

FOOD: The type of food in my country are Hot dogs, hamburgers, and Nachos.    Our country is famous for our  Hot dogs! They are rapped in bacon, topped with green chile and beans. But we baseball players have a healthy side! our healthy meals consist of a Chicken Lettuce Rap. and our NEW! grilled chicken salad!  

Language: In strike zone we have a huge language barrier between Spanish, Dominican,and English! so many of our players are from the Dominican republic. We get the best baseball players from the Dominican.

Climate: Here in Strike Zone our climate is not that bad we are mostly dry through the Baseball season! And once in a while we will get that associational rain but that usually comes in the off season.

Security: The way we keep our country safe before,during and after the game is that we have a huge variety of cops and Ball Park security! Some people ask " why so many cops?" and i tell them that we have a lot of them to make it a great and the safest ball park EVER!


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