Should Class Participation count?

In some classes you can higher your grade by raising your hand.

When you raise your hand it means your paying attention. It's kinda hard to not raise your hand because when you have an answer you just can't hold it in and you just want to blurt. (Like me. )

Some officials think how much students participate doesn't always show that they understand the material.

When officials think that I think that they just want their student to listen more and pay attention more and learn more than they do right now. I mean they just want them to get knowledge.

The officials also argue that taking tests show if the student understand the subject or not. Some school say that grading on participation is better because it promotes class discussion.

Kaylee's opinion

I think that they should grade kids on participation because some kids don't even participate in class projects and stuff. And if they knew that they were getting graded on it they might start participating more often.

Skye's opinion

I think no because I don't think kids should get graded on raising their hands I mean its dumb. And I mean what if they have the answer to a math problem and you just want to blurt it out .

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