Gary Paulsen

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class,
made by Seth Murphy

Significant Events in History that Affected Gary's life

  • World War 2
  • Invention of the internet
  • Invention of canned beer
  • production of sliced bread

Gary's childhood

Gary had a rough childhood, and didn't state much of it in his book.I had to do some research and I found out that his dad was in the military, and Gary ran away at 14 and followed a train. During his free time he loved to read. That is all that has been said about him.

Inspirations for his life

Gary has no inspirations except for books that he has read when he was young, or just random thoughts to help him with writing books.

Unique Facts

  • He hated reading until his public librarian gave him a book.
  • He has 2 children with 3 wives
  • He has written at least 175 books


  1. John Newbery medal
  2. Spur Award for Best Juvenile Fiction
  3. Margaret Edwards Award
  4. Spur Award for Best Juvenile Nonfiction
  5. Regina Medal

Theme of garys life

The teme of gary's life so far is that even if everything goes wrong, there is always still hope. He shows this through his own personal experinces and how they changed the way he thinks and lives life.

What Gary has tought me

Gary has tought me the hard and dirty parts of survival, but to always always look for hope, it will be there. Hope never gives up.


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2 years ago

Great person to do your biography on, Seth! Great job on what you have learned from his life! 😀