Ben Kuroki
By Mary


Ben Kuroki was famous for being the only Japanese American in the Air Force in World War II. He served his country even though people mocked him. He was also a good editor.

What Was His Early Life Like?

Ben was born on May 16, 1917, in Gotham Burg, Nebraska. His family moved to Hershey when he was 1. His parents where Japanese immigrants. Ben Kuroki had a family of 12. He grow up in a very large family. They where farmers in Hershey.

what was his adult life like

When he got older his father encouraged him to join the air force. He tried to join the first time except they said no , because he was Japanese . The next time Ben Kuroki tried they said yes , because the recruiter got paid for every one who joined. He soon became a gunner in a war plain. He became the only Japanese American in world war ll .

some of his grates accomplishes

Some of Ben Kuroki grates accomplishments were , he flew 58 combat missions in war wore ll. 28 of them were over Japan. Ben got the Distinguished medal, Distinguished flying cross 3 times, and the air medal 5 times. Last he became the first Japanese American editor of a general newspaper.


Ben Kuroki was a brave man that fought for his for his country. He fought even if he filed. He was a very good man that served . Ben Kuroki crashed once except it never has stopped him.


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