Rivers in the United States
Kamane Pryor
October 6,2014
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A watershed


A watershed is a region into a river that comes from a high point to a low point and flows into a large body of water.


The source of a river or stream  is the furthest place in that river or stream from its estuary or confluence with another river, as measured along the course of the river.


A mouth/delta is an area formed from the deposition of sediments at the mouth of a river.

Great Basin

A Great Basin is a watershed that does not flow into the ocean.


A divided river is something that separates the larger rivers.


A headwater is an extreme upper reaches of a stream. Headwaters has light that are blocked by trees making the plant life stream scarce.

Down River

A down river is something between the headwaters and flood plains.


A tributary a river or stream flowing into a main river or stream.

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