How to Pick out Meat

How to pick out beef products at your grocery store.  Start with the color of the meat.  The color should be red like in the picture above.  Next is the amount of fat on the meat product.  You don't want to much fat but you do want a little marbling/fat on the piece.  It all depends on the cut of meat you are buying and what you think is the correct amount.  Just remember to look at the color of the meat and hoe much fat is on the cut.    

The USDA grades beef products in two ways.  They grade it in quality and then in yield or quantity.  The break down in the quality is the leanness, the fat amount and were the meat would be sold to.   

Next is poultry.  When buying poultry at the grocery store make sure to check these things.  The color of the meat should be from a white to a deep yellow.  For example in the picture above.  The other thing is how the chicken smells.  Make sure that it in no way smells rotten or spoiled.  If it does get rid of it because it could make you very sick.

The poultry is graded on a scale by the USDA.  The highest grade is a grade A which you see mostly in retail sold items.  It means that everything on the meat is fresh and there is no feathers left, a good amount of fat and no broken bones if the cut has bones.  The other two grades (B and C) just indicate if the poultry has been used and further such as grinding and etc.   

Finally the meat of a swine or pig.  Make sure when you go out to buy the meat that it is a health/fresh color like in the picture above.  You should check the color for all cuts of meat from any animal.  Like the beef you want a certain amount of fat on a specific cut.  Make sure that you know this before buying the cut of meat.

The USDA does not grade pork or swine products.       

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