The Declaration

Class assignment, Character, Ms,Berrisford

Surplus Anna, she isn't supposed to be here, but she is, she is from the year 2140. Everyone can live forever but with a price, you cannot have children. Anna is the protagonist in this novel. Some people would ask if she is believable, i would like to say yes, but this is in the future of 126 years, so i personally don't know what it is like. it would be nice to know that at some point in time they do find a way for everyone to live forever.

It is easy connecting with Anna, she is an out cast to society, she strives to be the best she can to try to prove that she is not worthless and has some use. It is almost as if Anna and the other Surpluses live in an orphanage, because they are children that are most of the time unwanted, so the head mistress is trying to teach them to become better, and a good use for 'normal' people by making them into house keepers and yard workers for the males.

"It's not my fault I'm here. I didn't ask to be born. But that doesn't make it any better that I was. (7)" Anna doesn't think that she should have to be punished for what her parents did, they broke the law and had a child, she is trying to be a 'valuable asset' to try to make up for this mistake that her parents made many years ago.  "The new Surplus is 'difficult'. He thinks he's better than a Surplus, thinks he's better than me. And he's not. He's quite stupid, actually, and he lies all the time. He's already been in Solitary twice, and frankly I think he should be kept down there. (43)" Surplus Anna is talking about a new comer who's name is Peter, Anna thinks very highly of herself and obviously very low of Peter. Anna is one of the higher up Surpluses, being a pending and 'valuable asset material' she does not want to 'slip up' or break the rules.

Surplus Peter is one of the new Surpluses at Grange Hall where Anna stays and all the other Surpluses, i believe that Peter isn't a Surplus, he says that he knows Anna's parents and has come to break her out and bring her home. " 'You're Anna Covey, aren't you?' he said, so softly Anna thought she might have imagined it. 'I know your parents.'

The new Surplus, Anna decided almost immediately, was going to have trouble fitting in and Learning His Place. And if he thought that it was funny or clever to tell lies and to talk about people's parents as if they weren't selfish criminals, then he would learn soon enough that those kinds of things led to Solitary or a beating. (33)" Peter is trying to tell Anna that her parents do care about her and want her back home but she does not believe him nor want to think that it is true for what they made her go thru. Peter also sneaks into the girls dormitories at night to talk to Anna and tell her that he was there to take her away. Peter is not someone Anna really wants to be around because in her eye's he is

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