Narrative poem/ Howards-6/ November 4, 2013

Caitlin with long dirty blonde hair,

Caitlin of the girl that has dimples,

Caitlin whose eyes are as blue as the ocean is a girl that is as sweet as can be,

Lives like the average family,

dresses from the normal stores.,

plays volleyball just for fun. Sings for a pleasure,

cares for everyone she knows,

Caitlin's roots are Cajun and French,

listening to country music is her absolute favorite thing to do,

venting when having a friend never failed because they all remind her of who she is,

Caitlin inside those side seven sandals, inside that big round head, inside that warm kind heart is a loving and caring teenage girl,

Laughs with an ease,

tries her hardest on everything,

loves her family and friends more than anything,

talks with the lightest voice,

could never miss a smile.

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