First Post!!

(On TexasBlondeXX)

Alright, so I’ve given in. I always thought, why would anyone blog about their own life?? It sounds so boring and no one would enjoy it. Honestly, I’ve found many blogs such as Blogilates, JADEISABELLE, & A Model Recommends which were not only entertaining but inspiring! Once my life took a drastic turn in June (2013), I’ve taken more of an interest in bloggers and blogging. I found myself posting stuff on twitter and review sites that could be considered blog worthy. Although this may turn into a huge flop, why not give it a chance? I’ve just started my journey into Austin, TX and will really begin next week when I start at the University of Texas. I’m not sure on how this anything in my life will turn out, but it’s worth giving it a try!! Thank you and good night(:

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