Freestyle Skiing

Kelli, Isabella, & Elisabeth

Medal count for the USA

David Wise -1 gold

Maddie Bowman- 1gold

Joss Christensen- 1 gold

Gus Kenworthy - 1 silver

Devin Logan - 1 silver

Nicholas Goepper- 1 bronze

Hannah Kearney- 1 bronze

Gold:3 Sliver: 2 Bronze:2 Total: 7

Equipment & uniforms


  • Skis- the standard length is 160 cm, usually 175 cm for women and 185 cm for men.
  • Ski poles - help the skier with turns, accelerating, and keeping a stable balance


  • needs to be able to keep them warm
  • aerodynamic
  • Boots need to be able to withstand the landing
  • the helmet is made of hard plastic to help prevent any head injuries


  • In aerials upright, the skiers feet can’t go over their head
  • In aerials they are judged on takeoff style, techniques and form, and the landing
  • in moguls the judges look at turns, jump quality, and speed
  • in ski cross the person who crosses the finish line first wins
  • moguls and aerials are down short slopes
  • in ski cross they go down a longer path with quick turns

About the sport today

  • First appeared as a demonstration event in Calgary 1988
  • Mogul skiing was added in 1992 in Albertville
  • Aerials was added in 1994 in Lillehammer
  • Ski cross debuted in 2010 in Vancouver


  • Includes mogul skiing, aerials, ski cross, ski halfpipe, and ski slopestyle
  • Both men and women participate in each of the events
  • 10 sets of medals is the total awarded for this event

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