Hiroshima: Disaster Strikes  

Hiroshima was the bombing of Japan, the subject should not be taken lightly many civilians died during this event.


Many couldnt have children and the children of the ones who could have children were deformed by the radiation

Many Died Buried Alive

If I had the chance to help the people in Hiroshima after the blast I would have dug people out of therubnle and provide as much medical care as I could. I would have brought around bandages and medical supply's to the standing hospitals so the doctors could help more people easier.   


Heroshima was a cause of death and desruction

Amoung all of the death you could hear the breath of survivors

Even though all was silent some were still alive

Heroshima was a cause of death and destruction

Heroshima was mass destruction of the city

Amoung the ruins today you can almost still hear crys for help

Hopless many lay burried not willing to live

Heroshima was destruction of the city

Lives were lost painfully

Many struggle to survive slowly dieing

Many lose hope when they struggled to get of of the debreah

Lives were lost painfully

You could smell the death and see the remains

Amoung the city remains of the victims remain

Many close to the blast left a dark spot were there bodys lay

You could smell the death and see the remains

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