SG 3124F 24 GE Ports + 2 Combo SFP Gigabit Managed Switch

SG 3124F 24 GE Ports + 2 Combo SFP Gigabit Managed Switch

SG 3124F 24 GE Ports + 2 Combo SFP Gigabit Managed Switch is a layer 2 wire-speed Gigabit switch integrated with 24 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 ports (Auto MDI/MDIX) with 2 combo Gigabit SFP ports.
SG 3124F provides a user-friendly Web interface, MAC table management, ARP, MAC, port and DHCP spoofing defense, port speed limiting, 802.1Q-based VLAN, link aggregation (static and dynamic), port mirroring, broadcast storm control, remote switch discovery and management, etc. Over all, the unique ability of remote switch discovery and management is designed to enhance network security and performance. SG 3124F is the preferred equipment for enterprise, branch office, community, school and hotel to build gigabit backbone network

Port Attribute
Each port supports auto MDI/MDIX.
Each port supports Auto-Negotiation
Each port supports 10M full/half duplex, 100M full/half duplex and 1000M full duplex
Each port supports no-block wire-speed switching

Port Flow Control
Support back pressure flow control in half duplex
Support IEEE 802.3x flow control in full duplex

Port Configuration
Support port configuration (enable or disable)
Support port operating mode configuration
Support port flow control
Support port flooding
Support Jumbo frame

MAC Address Table and Security
Support MAC address auto learning
Support MAC address aging
Support MAC address statistics
Support MAC address learning/binding
Support MAC address table management
Support port security control, static address table and dynamic MAC address management

Support port-based VLAN
Support uplink port (One port can belong to more than one VLAN)
Support 802.1Q VLAN
Link Aggregation
Support static link aggregation, up to 24 link aggregation groups, up to 12 ports in a group
Support dynamic link aggregation LACP

Port Mirroring
Support port mirroring, user-defined mirroring port and mirrored port
Broadcast Storm Control and Traffic Limiting
Support broadcast storm control
Support traffic limiting based on port

Remote Switch Discovery and Management
Support remote UTT switches management based on
URCP (UTT Remote Control Protocol)
Support configuration backup, import and management of remote switches
Support configure remote switches via UTT switch in the same broadcast domain
Support remote switch discovery and management Log
Support network topology diagram

Support IEEE 802.1p priority
Support port-based priority
Support flow statistics on each port
Support real-time display of bandwidth on each port

System Management and Configuration Management
Support Web user interface
Support CLI
Support IP address modification
Support DHCP client
Support password modification
Support auto log out
Support system log
Support SNTP
Support the limitation of multi-user management at the same time
Support firmware upgrade through HTTP (file-format check)
Support resetting the device to the Factory Default Settings

UTT switch: