What about me?

Hi, my name is Yuxuan Bai, I'm living in Liberty Lake now. But half year ago, I was living in Shanghai.(The second biggest city in China)

This is the downtown of Shanghai.

I have a lot of friends. This photo shows some of my friends and me.

My friends in China and me :)

I'm good at basketball, technology, math and music. And these things are my favorite things too. I'm in the GMS basketball team now.

Hard and tough math problems.
My favourite team in NBA

But I have some weakness too. I'm really bad at drawing and dancing. I was trying to do them better, but I failed......

Because I born in China and live in America now, I travelled a lot. I have been to a lot of places. But I never go to Europe. The place I always wanted to travel to is Europe.

I just say I like music. I like singing, I like listening music too. I like all kinds of music, but actually I like pop best. I like both American pop and Chinese pop. I used to repeat a Chinese song called "ta"(just how to say it in Chinese). If I translate it, it called "she". It's a really good song. If no one is listening, I will sing anything I want to sing.