How can one person change the whole world

Do you want to know who inspired the belief that love and peaceful protest could eliminate social injustice and end segregation .That guy was martin Luther king jr. He had three thing that made him who he is first is that he was very thoughtful a leader and was courages to protest peacefully .the person who inspired martin was mahatma Gandhi in India.

The first reason I think martin Luther king jr. is a leader is because . When martin Luther king Jr. Heard that rosa park was sent to jail for not giving her seat to a guy in Montgomery .after that martin lead a boycott of the bus company that lasted more than a year in 1955 also the person who worked at the bus company didn't get that much money like normal .the second reason i think he is a leader is that martin led a march to Washington, D.C. In1968 to dramatize the relationship of poverty to urban violence king also inspired and planned the poor people campaign in 1968.The last reason he is a leader is because he lead a march with 250,000 people on August 28,1963 to end racial unrest and civil right demonstrations.

Now I'm going to talk about how he was courages. That in 1963 August 20 he wasn't afraid to say what was right in his speech "I have a dream speech ".the second reason he was courages is that the civil right leader martin Luther jr was a courages man to fight for the civil right of those who were treated unjustly by a racist society even though he knew he was going to get killed that is my second reason he was courages . The third reason I think he is courages is that in1964 he was he was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his effort in ending segregation and racial discrimination that shows that martin was courage

Now how he was thoughtful . The first reason he is thoughtful in 1958 king became the president of a group later know as the( sclc)formed to carry on civil right

activities in the south king inspired blacks through the south to peaceful sit in and freedom rider to protest segregation . The second reason he is thoughtful is because in 1959 Mr.king went to India to visit. The family of mahatma Gandhi who had believed in the power of civil disobedience and non violence to effort social change the belief of Gandhi greatly influence Mr.king .the third reason before his death Mr.king preached against the Vietnam war poverty and all form of injustice and discrimination issue and the money spent on the war could be use to end poverty ill health and the lack of education among poor people whether black or white that show how he was thoughtful about the war and the education of poor people . That was my third reason of how he was courages..
I hope you have learned something about Martin Luther King Jr. And how he thought peaceful protest could end segregation and how he was a leader and being courages and thoughtful .

I hope you like Martin Luther King Jr. Better now and learned more stuff about history Who is your favorite civil right leader.

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