Exploration Propisal  

by Christine Hawley

Dear King James, I Christine Hawley, who lives in England , wants to set sail to America in 1607. I am asking you to give me enough food, money,things to trade, and a crew. I know that you are in need of wool and food. If you let me go and I will bring back gold, new foods, and wool.  I have chosen these items because you want gold for your empire,  need more food for your army, and want wool for you to make coats. I want to go to  America because that place has what I need. I heard about what it has from soldiers.  I think that we should set sail now because France is ready to sail. They want what we want so we should go as soon as possible. Some of the obstacles that I will encounter are the climate and the wilderness. So that's why I think that's why we should go to the America.              

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