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persuasive essay

Write a persuasive essay that explains why you deserve to attend the university of your choice.

There are many students applying to enter this university because it is a good university. Having so many applicants’ means I am not the only student that thinks this university is a good enough for student to trust their education on the teachers teach at this school. The reason why I want to attend to this university would be because this school has an excellent criminal justice program and also a psychology program. Having the honor to attend this school would be amazing.

The University of Texas at San Antonio has always been my number one choice since I was in 8th grade and my teacher assigned a project to search for universities we would like to attend. I am a very responsible student that likes to set goals for herself and complete them. I like to work hard for what I want such as good grades. This university inspires me to become a better student each day so I can be able to attend this school. I like to use my time wisely by studying material I did not understand in class I also enjoy helping others with their problems and I try to give them the best advice I can. I am very enthusiastic about learning new information and new skills. Having this qualities had helped me succeed in all my end of course test also known as STAAR. I also have a passion for learning new information about computers and their software and hope to be a well rounded student for your university. the quote i like to live by is “failure is not based on by how many times you have fallen and success is not based on how many times you have won but by how many times you have fallen and gotten back up and learned by your mistakes. this quote has helped me get back up when i have failed at completing one of the goals i had st for myself. I hope that by having this qualities I am viewed as a potential student and being able to attend this university

letter of recommendation

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To whom it may concern:

Throughout this letter I have the honor to recommend Nallely Martinez for a position as victim specialist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We met about 10 months ago when she was a student in my class . I am a teacher at the university of Texas at San Antonio and i have been teaching for over five years; she was one of the best students I have had since I have been teaching. she has been very attentive to class and she always knew all the information need to pass all the tests given in my class.

Since I met her she has been kind to others and tries to help as much as she can. she has been working at the American Eagle Paintball Inc for the past 3 years. one of the best qualities that she has is that she is always on time to everything she has never been late to any of my classes or to meeting we have had with associations supporting and funding our work.she is very excited to become a victim specialist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation .In my opinion Nallely is very knowledgeable she is very enthusiastic about learning new information and skills.she is an amazing person and the best quality about her is that she always knows what to say and tries to help others with their problems by giving the best advice.

In my opinion i think she highly competent to for this job. Having her as one of my students has taught me so much, she showed me that we have to always find the positive in the negative. if you need any more questions regarding Miss.Martinez please contact me at via phone (915)555-8375.

Best Regards,

john legend

Math Department Chair

Math Teacher

University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

Tel: (915)555-8375


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"Founded by the Texas Legislature in 1969, UTSA now offers access and opportunity for nearly 29,000 students. UTSA has come a long way in just 40 years. Administrative offices for the first UTSA president, Arleigh B. Templeton, were set up in 1970 in Hemisfair Park, and architects Ford, Powell and Carson Inc. Began developing a conceptual master plan for the campus."

  • Submit official high school transcripts sent directly from the high school
  • Submit ALL official college or university transcripts (if applicable), including Dual Credit, directly from each institution
  • Submit all ACT or SAT scores (if applicable). Scores must be sent directly from the testing company. Scores appearing on high school transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Submit a $60 application processing fee.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance living in campus


                       Degree plan

A. 15 semester credit hours of core criminal justice coursework:

CRJ 1113 The American Criminal Justice System

B. 18 semester credit hours of justice studies, at least 15 of which must be upper division, chosen from the following courses:

CRJ 4303 Victimology

C. 3 semester credit hours of CRJ 4933 Internship in Criminal Justice taken in consultation with the Department’s internship coordinator. 3 semester credit hours of appropriate upper-division coursework may be taken in lieu of the internship if a student has relevant and documented full-time employment of at least one year in duration in a justice-related agency. May be repeated for an additional 3 credit hours with a different internship work site in a subsequent semester.

D. 15 semester credit hours of upper-division support work, chosen in consultation with an academic advisor

E. 27 semester credit hours of electives

Career Description

The FBI is a partner with the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the automated Victim Notification System (VNS). VNS is designed to provide victims with information about their cases. This free, computer-based system provides two important services to victims: information and notification. This information is available in English and Spanish. VNS can inform about scheduled court proceedings and about an offender’s custody status, such as placement in community corrections centers, furlough, release, or death. The annual salary of a victim specialist would be 42,000

Job Requirements

a bachelor's degree in psychology, criminal justice or social work is preferred. The coursework should include classes in interpersonal communication. An employer may also require counseling or case management experience; some victims advocates train on the job.

cover letter

federal bureau of investigation

660 S Mesa Hills Dr # 3000,

El Paso ,Texas 79912

(915) 832-5000

May 25, 2015

Dear Roberto Chavez,

You need a sharp victim specialist with great attention to detail and excellent skills. My education and training make me an ideal candidate for this position.My educational background has prepared me for the role of victim specialist. In particular, my study of criminal justice and psychology has given me a solid background so that I can perform a helpful method to victims of any kind of crime . I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm and up-to-date skills to the Federal Bureau of Investigation team.I am certain that my resume will give you a greater understanding of my qualifications for this exciting opportunity. I will call your office on June 1st to discuss the arrangement of a formal meeting.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from you and your talented team. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Nallely Martinez


Nallely Martinez

12345 pebble hills, El Paso, TX, 79938 | ( 915)555-3456|


I white collar agent who works tirelessly to prevent security threats and maintain order of governmental research facilities. Experience with both science and technology centers that develop weapons, as well as medical research facilities working towards national replication improvements.


Speak fluent Spanish

Supervised 22 officers guarding more than $40,000Awarded by management with 3 official commendations for personal achievement and contributions to the team. In valuable items and currency.

First Aid training (2013)

Investigations expert

Weapons training

First Aid training (2013)

Investigations expert

Weapons training



White collar agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Secured priceless and irreplaceable documents against threats of terrorism and sabotage.


May 2012

Bachelors criminal justice, University of Texas at San Antonio

May 2012

Bachelors physiology, University of Texas at San Antonio

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