Realism V. Liberalism

Mr. Lucas


Prove to me you understand the basics of Philosophy in International Relations.  You are going to create a Tackk in which you and a partner (or group members) will describe the differences between Realism and Liberalism.  It will be important for you to provide information explaining what each of the terms means.  Remember, these are college level ideas, so try to make the information as easy to understand as possible.  You will also be providing 3 examples and explanations of each school of philosophical .  Make this visually appealing with pictures, if you find good videos add them as well.  

- Examples - 1 example from the past, 1 example currently happening in the World today, and 1 fictional example

- Example Explanation - describe the situation, the actors (fighters), and provide a brief summary of the event.  What were the outcomes of this event and use of philosophy.  

You will present your Tackk boards for the class.

Have fun!  This is the first time doing a project with this site.  If you like it we can do more, if you don't like it we will scrap the idea for future projects.