Respect the Law


1. Are all Rules and / or Laws Necessary? Why or Why Not

All rules and laws are necessary because these rules keep everything on track. If there were no rules or laws Jonas world would go chaotic.

2. Are all rules and/or laws fair to all people? Why or Why not?

All rules and laws are fair to all people because in Jonas world everyone is equal. If you do not follow the rules and laws you will get kicked out of the community or you will get released. Which means u die.

3. What Happens to People Who do not Follow Rules and / or Laws? Explain.

When you do not follow the rules or laws you get kicked out of the community or you get released, which means you die.

4. Are all Consequences Fair?
Why or Why Not?

I think all consequence is fair because everything is working in rhythm and everyone is equal. One example is when “Jonas wakes wake up and he takes his medicine and goes to school”. Jonas does this because he was told to, this might not be fair to all but in my opinion it is necessary to follow the routine.

5.Can rules / or laws be changed ?
Why or Why not?

Rules and laws can be changed but they won’t be. Because the environment that Jonas lived in is controlled . So what rules they have now is working.

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