Theater Arts!

By:Hannah Tucker  ~  IT8

Sometimes going on to stage can be hard. It's called stage fright!

Stage Fright!

When you go onto stage, and you see all those lights... you feel your legs shake,hands sweat,and teeth chatter! That is called stage fright. A lot of people have stage fright. A lot of people with a career of Theater Arts have stage fright. I am going to be writing about stage fright, and the career of Theater Arts.

This stage is where people put on plays to show off their Theater Art skills

THE STAGE and...What are actors?

Actors are people who have studied Theater Arts, and have it as a career. They play in movies,T.V. shows,and sometimes,put on plays! Some people fear the stage,and some people can't wait to jump up on there, and act! Stage fright is a fear of acting or singing in front of people. But, when you are an actor, you kind of forget that fear, and do your best.

Here is a video of some people practicing a dance form of Theater Arts.

Different forms of Theater Arts

There can be many ways to preform Theater Arts. Two of the most popular forms are, dance, and, acting. You can act out many plays about a topic. You can also, dance to it. My favorite is, acting of course.

What is Theater Arts?

Popular picture to describe Theater Arts

The popular picture above, is used to often describe what Theater Arts is about. Which is,(if you are acting,not dancing.) pretending to be somebody you're not.Or, pretending to be a certain character from a movie or story.

Practicing and Learning...

Dancing form of Theater Arts.

Above, there is a group of girls, practicing their form of Theater Arts. Dance. Practicing can be very important! If you mess up singing,dancing,or acting, it could mess up the whole show! If one person messes up, they could bump somebody, and make them fall too.Then, the whole group preforming, will fall!! So acting can be very important to practice!

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