By: Connor Ross

Israel is located in the Middle East.  It is in Asia.  It is right on the  coast of the Mediteranian Sea.  A typical person has dark skin and has dark hair.  They also like to wear Keffiyeh which are hats that are meant to protect your neck from direct sun exposure and to keep the dust out of your mouth and eyes.  There are many different languages of Israel but the official languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic.  Some of the different foods that the people of Israel like to eat are humus, falafel, and couscous.  Many people imagine Israel as a very dry and being covered in deserts, but there is much more to Israel than that.  There are strange salt formations near the Dead Sea.  There are mountains that are red and green and have strange formations on them.  There is much more to Israel than most people think.  The currency of Israel is very interesting.  The exchange rate is for every one New Sheqel (the name of Israels money)  is .27 US dollars.  One of the instruments that people in Israel like to play is called a Conch.  It is normally made out of bulls horn, but it can be made out of other things.  After Israel was made into a country, thousands of Jews migrated to Israel.  They stayed in places called ma'abarot, where they lived in huts tents and packing crates until houses were built.  In the September of 1948, the Minister of Labor made the National Housing Department.  What this Department did was help created housing in a nationwide area.

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