6 Flowers You Probably Don't Wanna Smell After Reading This!

Flowers are among nature's brightest and best creations. Without a doubt, they have, over time, been the best way for people to convey their emotions to one another. Roses at Valentines', Sunflowers for birthdays, tulips at weddings, even carnations for funerals--these are only some of the examples to show that if there is an occasion, there certainly will be flowers present!

While this is all well and good, have you ever thought of an incident where you did not want to receive a flower? Or perhaps a flower you did not want to receive? Most flowers look and smell just delightful, but there are some flowers in the world that exist and don't quite fit this category.

Here's a list of flowers you probably don't wanna smell--ever. If you come across these, you should probably turn back and head the other way. Or you could give these to someone you don't like, but revenge should always be practiced with extra caution.

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Titan Arum

This flower holds the distinction of being one of the biggest flowers in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the stinkiest, which is why it has the unfortunate case of being called the worst-smelling flower in the world. Also called the "corpse flower" it, as you may have guessed, smells like a corpse. The good news is that the stink doesn't last very long. These flowers blooms last only 24 to 48 hours.

Eastern Skunk Cabbage

This is one cabbage that by name alone, you would never want to see in your salad bowl! The flower's bloom smells like road kill skunk. However it is also an interesting creature since it is capable of generating internal heat, so it can grow even in snow or under snow. Despite the awful smell, it is said to have medicinal properties including treatment of asthma and other diseases.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

This one is probably the most recognizable rotten flower. The rafflesia smells like a rotting corpse--which helps it attract flies. It is also a large flower, growing up to 3 feet in diameter and is one of Indonesia's three national flowers. It is also a protected species.

Hydnora Africana

It smells like poop. And that's all you need to know.

Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis

When you think of orchids, you think of gentle purple blooms that for the most part, do not have any smell. This particular genus, however, smells like dead, rotting mice. It is also the largest kind of orchids, with strange kinds growing red and hairy—not at all something you would give in a nice bouquet. Ugh, pass.