Scientology And You

What We Do

The goal of the church of scientology is to create a drug free world, make human rights a global reality, bring reform to mental health, and creating a world of honesty, trust, and respect.

These are either accomplished through organization wide initiatives or through the  GRASSROOTS LOBBYING of our lower churches.

Why Should You Join?

Scientology is a MULTI-ISSUE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP unlike any other group in existence

as a member of the church of scientology you receive certain SELECTIVE BENEFITS

MATERIAL BENEFITS- Being a member of the Church of Scientology offers you access to free online courses on our beliefs.

SOLIDARY BENEFITS- The Church of Scientology offers services every Sunday. The Goal of these services is to create a feeling of unity among it's members. The church also provides Weddings, Namings, and Funerals. Friday Night graduations are also often held to celebrate those who completed auditing or training the week previous.

PURPOSIVE BENEFITS-  Scientology teaches people "Survive". Surviving is what we as humans aim to do everyday. Most action are based on surviving. What Scientology provides is the teaching of Dianetics, or what is really means to survive. Survival doesn't just mean to avoid death. Survival is the ability to manage your life. Therefore the better one survives the happier their life will be.

Who are we?

We are a PUBLIC INTEREST GROUP that gains over 4.4 Million new members each year!!

How do we operate

Scientology is Structured in a capitalist fashion. Those PATRONS able to give have the ability to support our church's mission as well as to learn more about mystery of our faith.

The head of the church or The Church of Scientology International is located in LA. There, the church coordinate the activities of all lower churches. They also coordinate Advertising/Evangelical/DIRECT CONTACT campaigns that accomplish the goal of recruiting more members. The Church of Scientology International also uses DIRECT MAIL to reach both it's current members, and to recruit new ones

The higher up you are in the ranks of the church, the more access you will gain to the different advance teachings

Our Successful members

Our success can be measured quite effectively by the amount of very involved celebrity members. Are members include:

Tom Cruise!
John Travolta! Looks a little greasy if you ask me
Kristie Alley!

And many more! If you vote for us Mr. Apgar could rub shoulders with some very famous people.

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