A Plan for Problem Solving

Before solving a problem, we need to have a process by which we will try to solve problems.  It is important to become familiar with this process.

There are four steps in the problem solving process - it is important to get familiar with each step!!!

U - Understand:  What am I trying to find?  What do I know, What do I need?

P - Plan:  How will I Solve It?  What-cha gonna do?

S - Solve It:  Try to solve it!  LET'S GO!

Check - Does your solution make sense?  If not, try something else.  Check it...hmmm

Consider this problem:

The gas in Tyrell's truck holds 19.8 gallons.  When the truck is empty, Tyrell fills it with gas that costs $3.65 per gallon.  About how much will it cost to fill the tank?

Identify all four parts of the problem solving steps for this problem and then solve it: Understand, Plan, Solve, Check.

How well do you understand the four step problem solving process??

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