The Multi - Purpose Car!

By Ellie Bowles

Introducing the Multi - Purpose Car!! This luxurious car has Leather seats, Bluetooth, Warmers built in the seats and steering wheel, Massage seats, all the bells and whistles, but there is a twist. Not only is this a car but it is also is a boat and to top it all off it is a helicopter too!! First look at the dashboard it has everything you will find in a normal car but right in the top left hand corner above the kilometers there will be three buttons one with a picture of a boat on it, the second with a picture with a helicopter on it and the last one with a picture of a car on it if you want to be in a boat just drive into shallow water and press the boat button and BAM! The wheels fold in and propellers come out the back. Then, if you want to fly in a helicopter just press the helicopter button and once again propellers come out the top and the helicopter legs come out the bottom. So that's my invention and if i win this I will be the happiest child in the world!!!

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