Great Depression

By  Jose Flores

Our President we need  to help now more than ever !!

Do you not see whats been happening to us not just fathers are worried now are families and children ,they have no idea why there fathers are crying at night  hoping for a better outcome next morning. Some childs are going to work but not for money but food ,kids are starving . Do you not realise where families  are living now ,there homless they  cant send their children to school .

Businessmen are struggeling ,most of them are wanting to comitte suicide . you know what that means lots of companies are getting shut down but not just that even more americans are loosing their jobs . businessmen are becoming broke and desperate .

women in need of jobs , most wifes don't have husbands to take care of them or kids , women would work and get paid very little to the point that sometimes they couldn't afford milk every last cent would be for the house , behind their payments and rents .

Mexican Americans being hated disliked and mistreated just like African Americans ,wee know wee don't have many jobs but why are wee kicking them out thousends are being sent back . if wee keep this up riots are going to keep rising but not just from them but many more races wee need to fix this right away .

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